5 amazing beaches in Lofoten

Lofoten is world-famous for its sandy beaches with torquoise shorelines. Here is a list of the Lofoten beaches you don’t want to miss!

Seaview from Uttakleiv beach
Photo: Cem Sagisman

Haukeland & Uttakleiv beaches

Uttakleivveien 200 and 238, 8370 Leknes

These two beaches are listed together due to their very close proximity, and while the beaches themselves are stunning, the area around them is so packed of other amazing things to do that this destination is a necessary stop on your journey through Lofoten!

While the beaches are separated by a narrow tunnel, there is an old road following the coastline that connects the two beaches. This old road is perfect for a nice walk, as no cars are allowed to drive here. A round trip will take you about an hour, as it takes about thirty minutes to reach one beach from the other. You can park your car on either beach and start walking!

If you are planning to see the midnight sun from either beach, we recommend Uttakleiv as this beach is best positioned towards where the sun dips. If you also plan to do the trip mentioned above, why not start your walk from the Haukeland beach an hour before midnight? You will reach Uttakleiv in perfect timing to catch the spectacular view.

Lastly, two mountain trails start from Haukeland beach! The mountain peaks Mannen and Himmeltinden sit between the two beaches and are the reason for the tunnel between them. Mannen is a nice hike for everyone with a stunning sea view from the top, peaking at 400 meters above sea level. A round trip from Haukeland beach takes 1-2 hours. Himmeltinden, however, is a bit more of a challenge, as Lofoten’s tallest mountain peak. The peak towers at 964 meters above sea level. It is a relatively quick hike for its scale at 4-6 hours, but you can expect a steep climb that can be tough on the knees. The reward, however, is a spectacular view not just of the sea but of the entire Lofoten Islands!

Man surfing at Unstad beach
Photo: Christoffer Engström

Unstad beach

8360 Bøstad

Unstad beach is a surfer’s paradise that has been featured in several film productions about world famous surfers’ meeting with this Arctic surf. Facing north out to the Barents Sea, this beach serves up some serious waves.

You can come here to enjoy the scenery, or you can take it a step further and test yourself in the surf. Unstad Arctic Surf organises beginner’s classes in surfing at this beach. Check them out if you dare!

View of Kvalvika beach from a mountain peak
Photo: Yuriy Garnaev

Kvalvika beach

Fv808, 8387 Fredvang (trail head to Kvalvika)

Kvalvika Beach down on Moskenes Island is a hidden gem. This beach is only accessible by climbing the mountain that cuts the beach off from the rest of society. The mountain is only 240 meters above sea level, but keeping in mind you have to cross it twice to get to the beach and back again, this hike takes about 2-4 hours.

The complete secludedness of this beach ensures an almost divine atmosphere once you reach it, so doing this hike should definitely be on your bucket list!

Eggum beach at sunset
Photo: Alpit Kale

Eggum beach

Eggum Rasteplass, 8360 Bøstad

Eggum is an extraordinary place with a lot of history.

Many come here to see the midnight sun over the sea, and the area is ideal for a picnic with maybe the most beautiful toilet facilities you can find – designed by the architect house Snøhetta.

However, the most spectacular part about this place might not be the seaview, but rather the war memorial towering over the beach. The beach is host to the remains of a large stronghold that used to function as a radar station under the second world war. Today, these ruins serve as a memory of the German occupation.

Eggum should be on your bucket list if you wish to delve into both local history and natural beauty.

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